Physio Christchurch:
ACC and Sports Physiotherapy

Providing the highest quality standard of physio care. The team at Physio Christchurch take the time to understand the source of your pain and not just treating the symptoms.

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Monday – Friday
7:00am – 6:00pm

Saturday – Sunday
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Physio Christchurch are Leaders in Physiotherapy

Our experienced physios keep up to date with the latest assessment and treatment techniques from research papers and in-services.

This means that you will get getting effective care and will be referred onwards if need be.

Common sites of injuries that we treat include:

– Back
– Neck
– Shoulder
– Knee
– Hip
– Foot and ankle
– And much more

Physio Christchurch

Meet the team

Longer Appointment Times

While many Christchurch physiotherapy private practices offer between 20-40 minute appointments, Physio Christchurch offers 1-hour appointments for your first appointment.

This extra time allows your physio near me to conduct a thorough examination, take the time to educate you on the condition, and set up a self-management plan,

all in the first visit.

Cost Effective physio near me

Our longer appointments lets the physiotherapist near me at Physio Christchurch do a thorough job which saves you time and money in the long run.

We also offer discounts on our physiotherapy services to Community Services Card holders and Gold Card holders.

Do You Quality For ACC?

ACC covers anyone who has had an injury that has happened in New Zealand. 

This includes those who are students, working, unemployed, or retired. 

We can make an ACC physio claim for you in clinic, there is no need to get a GP referral first.

Detailed information on what is covered can be found here on the ACC website.

Sports Physiotherapy in Chch

Sports physio refers to the treatment and/or minimising the risk of pain and injuries that commonly occur during sports and exercise. 

Appropriate initial management helps effective return to play and can help improve performance and prevent recurrence.

The longer physiotherapy appointments at Physio Christchurch allow us to provide individualised management plans for sports injuries which may include:

– Rehabilitation programmes
– Strength and power work
– Sport specific return to play
– Proprioception and balance
– Estimated time frames

Physio open in weekends

Physio Christchurch are open weekends (Saturday and Sunday) with bookings available from 10am – 5pm.