Is there free physio in Christchurch, New Zealand?

Currently there are no free physio clinics in Christchurch for the general public.

Physiotherapists work under multiple roles in New Zealand which can include hospital and private practice roles.

There are multiple private practice physiotherapy clinics in Christchurch. 

Commonly these clinics are the primary care health professionals for musculoskeletal injuries and pain and patients do not require a doctor referral to attend these.

Previously physio in Christchurch was free under ACC however funding has changed and while private practice clinics can still receive funding from ACC for injuries caused by accidents, it is not enough to cover costs therefore a co-payment is required.

Clinics are able to set their own co-payment fees leading to varying rates.

For patients not under ACC, they will be required to pay private rates which is at a significantly higher cost to them compared to ACC funded appointments.

For those with Southern Cross, it is possible for the majority or all of their treatment to be covered with no out of pocket costs.

Some clinics may offer discounts for Community Service and Gold Card Holders.

When comparing prices of different physiotherapy clinics, it is important to take into account the amount of time allocated to each appointment, some clinics offer 1 hour initial appointments and 30 minute follow ups while others may offer 30 minute initial appointments and 20 minute follow ups which may not be enough time for the physiotherapist to do the best job they can depending on the complexity of the injury.

Is physio free if a 3rd party is covering treatment costs?

There is no definitive answer as it can depend on the physio’s policy and the agreement between the physio and the third party.

This will depend on the arrangement your employer has with the third-party. Some will completely cover treatment costs while other pay require a copayment similar to ACC.

Some work places may offer free physiotherapy as a perk of employment.

It may be worth checking with your employer what arrangements they have and if free physio is offered.

Free physio through Canterbury DHB

Some people may qualify for physio funding through the Canterbury Initiative, this allows patients in Canterbury to access physiotherapy services without being constrained by their financial situation.

This required a referral from your GP who can discuss eligibility criteria and different treatment options.

This service is usually provided by private physio practices but may also be provided by the Canterbury DHB directly through their in house physio team.

How do I choose a free physio in Christchurch?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to choose a physio will vary depending on your individual needs.

However, some tips on how to choose a physio include:
– Considering your needs: When looking for a physio, it is important to consider your specific needs and what you hope to gain from treatment. For example, if you are looking for relief from pain, then you may want to seek a physio who has experience in treating musculoskeletal conditions.
– Considering location: It is also important to consider location, as you may want to find a physio who is located close to you. This can make it easier to attend appointments and to receive treatment.
– Considering experience: It is also important to consider the experience of the physio you are considering. This can help ensure that you receive the best possible treatment.

There are a few ways to find a physio in Christchurch.

One way is to see if your doctor can help you with a referral for free physio or standard physiotherapy services.

Another way is to ask a friend or family member if they have a physio they would recommend.

Another way is to search online for physios in Christchurch as there are many websites that list physios in Christchurch or you can book below with one of our qualified physios.